Has to be seen to be believed - INCREDIBLE MOVIE

By bdvlovesfilms
Written August 17, 2009
I saw this movie when I was visiting friends in the UK and it is absolutely incredible. Everyone who cares about the world has to see it. In fact. Scrub that. EVERYONE has to see this movie. Period. It's both funny and sad; awe-inspiring, thought provoking and it totally blew me away. And Pete Postlethwaite is a legend. I can't wait to see it again and I'm telling everyone I know to come and see it with me.
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This film is much needed wake up call!

By ali33
Written August 17, 2009
After seeing this film in the UK while on holiday, I sincerely recommend it to everyone. It changed the way I think. I'm not very political, much less an environmentalist, but I know science and I know that this film will speak to the minds of people who need a refresher on what is the current state of play. An honest, humorous and real account of people living worlds a part on the same planet. A must see.
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The Age of Importance

By effisfor
Written August 17, 2009
Probably one of the most important films you are likely to see this year. Pete Postlethwaite, who I'm a big fan of, is in the future looking back at a world ravaged by the effects of climate change. It's pretty shocking stuff and certainly gave me a lot of food for thought. Also features some brilliant animation with lots of different elements that are quite unusual.
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Amazing Interesting Inpsiring

By jnikita
Written August 17, 2009
I've seen the film in the UK while over there. I can' t wait to see it in the US and bring my friends!
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Five Word Review

By brylip
Written August 27, 2009
climate hindsight docu-drama not stupid
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