Ain't Half Hot Mum

By carbondave
Written August 23, 2009
This film is a sizzler. It's not a 'feel-good' film in the conventional sense. In fact if you find yourself feeling good at the end, it probably means you fell asleep! But you won't fall asleep. The characters and the footage is too gripping for that. And you won't feel bad after either. If you are like me you will feel profoundly relieved - that this rather 'taboo' topic has been given a good airing.And feel slightly more hopeful, that humanity still has time to do something - and to make sure that the (2055) ending of the movie is fiction, just as the rest of it is documentary. You will not be sorry to have been in the early vanguard of people seeing this. And waking up. This was the role Pete Postlethwaite was born to play. Overall rating? "Masterpiece"
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An incredibly powerful film about climate change, and what will happen if we sit back and let it.

By lucyfa
Written August 17, 2009
This film is astounding. Nine parts documentary, one part fiction, it portrays our bleak future, and our shocking present. It is very easy to not think about climate change from day to day, but the truth is that we need to, and this film allows us to. The film manages to be scientifically accurate, informative and entertaining, which is no mean feat, and mixes stunning animation, with incredible and sometimes shocking footage. An absolute must see for anyone who likes to live, anyone with children, and pretty much anyone who is even vaguely interested in the human race. So, pretty much everyone.
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Gripping, moving and inspiring

By rbrandt24
Written September 04, 2009
Not only is this an all important wakeup call, it is also a gripping movie, telling 6 interesting and moving stories. It won't leave you unmoved and though it has a very specific point to make (not that there is anything wrong with that...) it makes it in an interesting and engaging way. And when the movie ends you'll find that (a) time has flown; and (b) you have this urge to do something to prevent us from being Stupid. I recommend that you bring your friends with you, as you'll want to talk about it afterwards...
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Gets you thinking

By AceClub
Written August 17, 2009
I was lucky enough to see this film when I was out in the UK. Not only were the interlinking story lines great but it got you thinking along a different path than other climate change doco's/ films. The film goes past the science arguments and gives great personal touches by following individuals in about 6 different countries, India, Nigeria, USA, France, UK... I say a must see!
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where were you when this film came out?

By greenfintry
Written August 23, 2009
I am based in the UK and saw the film at the UK premier. The impact has been huge, and it is continuing to shift the political climate in the UK. It is a good movie, but it may be one of those events that in the future you are asked, "how come you weren't there at the start of this?" Catch the premier!
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