The Age of Adaline Synopsis
After miraculously remaining 29 years old for almost eight decades, Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) has lived a solitary existence, never allowing herself to get close to anyone who might reveal her secret.
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Pleasant romance movie

By hisparky
I was able to obtain two free early viewing tickets. The trailer had me on the border line whether I would view it. My friend and I were pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The...

Adaline movie, love is timeless though age is at the mercy of time

By richnydsm
Went to the early screening and was happy and pleased, well acted, well written, funny at times, sometimes whimsical and managed to give me a watery eye on occasion. All love stories are predictable,...

All four of us liked it

By MWETulsa
I loved it! A real movie (no big, glaring CGI), real acting (no 20-something cool kid nonsense), great story! Four of us were given a sneak peak. We are aged from 25 to 60 with preferences from action...

The Age Of My Life Has Lessened! **Spoiler Alert**

By freelance5534
When a movie is introduced with a detailed narration, it falls short of allowing the viewers to initiate a thought process. Without narration, the movie will still resort to the same impact. It fails...


By yannima2194
It was so boring. I fell asleep in the beginning. The ending sucks. And this is coming from a girl. Not romantic at ALL. If you liked Benjamin Button or The Notebook, you will hate this movie....


By sarahannestevens21
The relationship was not believable and the story was way too cheesy. Nope....


By emeriwether
this movie !!....go see...

For the Romantic at Heart

By scorp3
A poignant romantic story with a great cast. A lovely date movie to be shared or even by yourself. Perfect timing as spring blossoms... Timeless fashions adorned by Blake Lively. And while...

By peytonmooney
Really good movie. I agree with other viewers, it was predictable but I loved every second of it. Left you interested and predicting throughout....

Age of Adaline

By mrsfaughn
The best romantic movie I've seen in ages! Blake Lively was classic. I'm so glad that I didn't pass on this!...

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Common Sense Media says Romantic fantasy lacks magical spark, but OK for teens.
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