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The Adventure has just begun...

By Alaskankingalex
Written December 24, 2011
Steven Spielberg captured Georges Remi's vision and story of Tintin quite well. Making an iconic comic-book into a film is tricky and tests the director's credability to keep the comic-book's reputation. Spielberg could not have been a more suitable director for this film. His choice of animated characters was wise and safe. It would be hard to watch Tintin if Spielberg had used real human characters; in a sense, it would have taken away the comic-book's ambiance and sense of adventure. As for the characters, Spielberg might have over-used some quotes such as, "Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!" and "Great Snakes!" Nonetheless, he brilliantly illustrated Tintin's ambitious and energetic character, Snowy's loyalty, Captain Haddock's obnoxious drunkenness, and the Thompson brother's absolute stupidity.The storyline flowed well with an India Jones like adventure. In the end, Spielberg made you feel like a kid again, an eager kid to read and see what happens next!!
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Fantastic movie adventure

By luwgk
Written December 28, 2011
Absolutely a wonderful movie for adults and kids. The animation is state of the art and must be seen in 3D to be fully appreciated. You are on the edge of your seat the entire movie. It is very funny on adult and kid levels. My only complaint is the frequent reference to heavey drinking of alcohol. This was a bit much for a kids focused movie.
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Tin in 3D IMAX format

By BigMovieFan57
Written December 22, 2011
Very entertaining and conistientl yamusing, the animation is first rate and very imaginative. Great use of 3D and the clarity of the big IMAX projection really immerses you in the film. BUT... The IMAX sound system was setto an ear splitting volume. it was so loud gave my eight year old daughter a headache and my ears were still ringing an hour or more later. The theater manager said "the volume is set by IMAX and we can't do anything about it as it is all controlled by satellite as part of the download from IMAX Corp in Canada." It was so loud you could hear distortion. That makes me wonder if IMAX ever bothers to visit different theaters and set the volume for the individual theater. The amps or speakers were so overdriven you hear them distort the sound. For a U2 or Rolling Stones concert film the volume would be appropriate. For a kids movie like Tintin it was completely inappropriate. So if you decide to see it in an IMAx theater bring earplugs
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Constant Action

By trixiefire
Written December 24, 2011
Tin Tin was great - the action kept you engaged - great for parents going with their little ones. We saw it in IMAX 3D - the theater was entirely too loud but the manager couldn't do anything about it because it's set that way. Our child didn't like how loud it was and neither did we. We would have passed on paying so much money if we knew it was going to be deafening in places. Live and learn. The movie itself was great - worth the money and time!
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Best Family Movie

By BrittneyBell105321
Written December 23, 2011
I personally liked the film. The acting was sensational, directing could have been better, cinematography was fantastic, and writing was on the spot. This film is suitable for all ages adults will enjoy watching the film with thier children, and the children will want to eatch it every night and day. It was full of action, and comedy...... but don't think i'm going to spoil the ending for you! This movie is definatly one that you should take your children to go see. This movie is again SENSATIONAL!
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