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Good but not great

By AnneMH
Written December 22, 2011
The movie was good but wasn't true enough to the books, according to my in-house Tintin-o-phile. They had a lot of things related to the book, though. It was a fun adventure movie.
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Tintin marred by poor projection at UA Court St Stadium 12

By phase_pistol
Written December 24, 2011
Film: outstanding, unbelievable animation. Very "Spielberg" and adventure oriented, after a slow start. No "uncanny valley" in the mocap animation, well done. Theater: AWFUL. Movie began in 2D and played for several minutes, then it popped into "3D" but the images were out of phase or something, and we saw a rolling interference pattern through the glasses. Utterly unwatchable. The audience howled. Then something was reset, and we were forced to sit through PREVIEWS again, and the film started once more, this time in 3D... but there was some sort of problem, because it seemed to keep dropping back into 2D. I could take the glasses off and see the image with no problem. When the 3D was working it was clearly a double image. Perhaps one of the projectors or lenses was cutting out intermittently. Bottom line: good movie ruined by AWFUL projection at Court Street Stadium 12 in Brooklyn.
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Was ok

By tonybanker
Written January 02, 2012
The animation is pretty incredible, but the storyline is just ok. If you want to see a much better movie that is in this "genre", go see Hugo. Much more interesting story there.
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SO much fun!!

By wfrench530
Written January 01, 2012
Took my son to see TinTin yesterday and we loved it! Everyone in the there was laughing and cheering right along with us. Can't wait to take my husband so we can enjoy it together. Seriously... This was more fun than I've had at a movie in ages!
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Tin Tin

By mgb2014
Written January 03, 2012
A really nice movie for those especially who used to read the comics by the eponymous hero. It is an entertaining and educational movie, perfect for the family, but would also amuse an adult. The movie effects are excellent, particularly, when the hero assumes a life of his own through the use of those effects.
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