The first

By trusser
Written October 20, 2015
Always the best
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The Adventures of Robin Hood

By karolkent
Written July 02, 2016
This is a great movie for everyone! Errol Flynn at his greatest - handsome, charming, funny, athletic! Olivia DeHavilland at peak youth & beauty! Basil Rathbone & Claude Rains two of the best villians ever! Filled with all the great character actors from Warner Brothers Studios! The locations look great, costumes perfect, archery by Henry Hill authentic, and the gorgeous technicolor so beautiful. Another strongly directed movie by Michael Curtiz - he finds all the romance, comedy, and exciting swordfights! Flynn & Rathbone were both very proud of their swordsmanship and you can tell it's the real thing. And, of course, the famous music soundtrack by Korngold - he wrote it to go with the scenes just like a symphony - rousing, robust action, Robin & Marion falling in love, Medieval pagentry, adventure in Sherwood Forest, playful & dangerous combat - just fantastic! Obviously, one of my favorite movies of all time, starring my favorite actor, fabulous swashbuckling Errol Flynn!
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