... wow

By ManyNekoZ
Written September 05, 2008
Man this movie was so crazy, like a crazy dream. The story carried on forever, I had to watch it in two parts! The story was strange, I think the writers had to be on drugs to come up with some of this stuff. The setting is in Europe in the 1700s during a war. The story starts in a theater where a play is going on. The play is about Baron Munchausen and his many adventures, but it is set to make a mockery of him. Then the real Baron shows up and demands to let him tell the "real" story. He begins to tell the story but is suddenly interrupted by enemy fire. So he decides the only way to tell his story is to gather up his old crew of friends with special powers and put an end to the war. So they go though all these strange places like: the moon, center of the earth, belly of a fish; and find their friends. They even cheat death...yeah. The best way to watch this film is to be extremely intoxicated. Not encouraging it, just a figure of speech. See it for strangeness, if you want to...
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