The Adjustment Bureau review

By Therumrunner5
Written January 21, 2012
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Great movie!

By kit5689
Written February 03, 2013
If you like movies that keep you at the edge of your seat then go see this movie! It has great characteristics too! At some parts it might be confusing but it always explained things. Very good!
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Enjoyed it!

By Ajlina
Written March 05, 2011
I was expecting it to be dangerous, but it's pretty tame. The chemistry between Emily and Matt is lovely. Anthony Mackie is wonderful. Terence Stamp is haunting with his presence. Good strong cast. Cinematography is good. Sound engineering is a bit lacking - music overpowering speech in some scenes. The story is fascinating and moves well. You will laugh, be surprised, be touched, held in suspense, and think about your life. A nice film to go see if you want a pleasant evening with a touch of excitement. Refreshing.
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By marjon123158
Written March 13, 2011
Was ok. Would not spend the full price of a movie ticket to go to see this movie. Great time killer.
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One of the better movies I've seen

By Suthernstyl
Written May 16, 2011
Get out and see this movie. It was very believable and well-done. The very end was a little predictable but besides that, I was pretty engrossed during the entire flick. The characters are believable, the plot is interesting and full of twists, and the pace is fast enough to keep you glued to the screen so you're keeping up with the action. Yes--go!
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