Characters playing to the camera

By sandy.metzger
Written February 06, 2016
Amazing move. Director lets the killers tell their story their way and manages to get an enthusiastic response. Much of the story is told by staging scenes of the genocide for their own movie. This movie is surreal and even funny at times. This is not a documentary about the genocide but "reality tv" centering on some central characters in it. But more than a few characters inadvertantly bare their souls (or lack thereof).
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Simply astounding

By apsims23
Written October 25, 2016
Unlike any documentary that I've ever encountered. Powerful, disturbing, and extremely compelling. Highly recommended, but go in prepared to stare real, genuine human evil in the face. Enjoy.
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Movie Star wanna be's...

By bvacek0436
Written May 25, 2017
This movie was more about feeding these men's egos to be movie stars. Not backed up by any facts that these men were who they say they were. By the credits at the end it is obvious so many people wanted nothing to do with the finished product. I thought by watching this movie I would learn something. I learned nothing. Shaking down all the local businesses to make a living.....Since the country is based on bribing people to vote or do anything it seems like a small sum of money could be used to get these men to act of fools.
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The meaning of Ugly

By francinea884
Written October 01, 2016
Don't buy or rent this movie unless you would like the cast members--the lowest of low on intelligence and morality scale of humans--to get rich. Just imagine the most ugly, opportunistic, murderous, empathy lacking criminals and there: you've met the characters, their organization, and sadly, their government.
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Surreal Brilliance

By Shaft917x
Written May 29, 2017
This is a movie that truly goes into the Heart of Darkness. Following the dark journey of a killer as he tries to deal with the things he has been made to boast about and now having to come to the realization of how brutal he was is something one rarely sees.
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