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Fathom Events and FletChet Entertainment are inspired to bring the incredible feature, The Abolitionists, to select cinemas nationwide for a powerful one-night event on Monday, May 16.

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Heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time

By merrillrn
God bless Tim Ballard and his amazing team of jumpers who take unbelievable risks to save women and children from monsters. This film will have you wondering at the horrors humans are able to live...

Moving, excellent documentary!

By dhhelg
Exposes evils of sex-trafficking. Excellent documentary, despite fact that they operate on a limited budget. Would love to see all these rescues/attempts on television, replacing all the reality...

Must see documentary!

By nidcinmar
So grateful for this movie shining a light on human trafficking. We must continue to spread the word until every person is aware of these horrible crime. The A21 Freedom chasers in San Antonio is a...

By rws11
I support what these guys are doing. But this is one of the worst documentaries I have ever seen, and I love documentaries. There were basically 3 or 4 scenes in various parts of the Caribbean and...

If you're not holding up a light you leave the entire world in darkness.

By jtalladino
When a known cancer threatens to ravage your body you take immediate action to fight off that cancer with everything you can throw at it. The Abolitionists brings this dark cancer ravaging...

Sex Trafficking is an Epidemic

By pwendy927
In case you were wondering if sex/human trafficking was rampant across the world, here is your answer. I applaud those that made this film and continue to work for the greater good of humanity. I...

Sobering Yet Inspirational

By sfcurtis200
Captivating film that exposes the dark side of human nature in the ever-growing horror of human trafficking. Tough to watch but is counter-balanced with hope for change as we watch those who seek to...

The Abolitionists

By brittyswearingen
GO SEE this movie. Not every movie needs to be James Bond entertaining to be worthy of our money and time. This is REAL LIFE men and women HEROS saving children from sex slavery. What is more noble...

The Abolitionists

By mckinziepettingill
This was one of the most inspirational movies that I have ever been to. This is real live footage of their experiences. There is not a moment in the movies that I was not fully engaged. It is both...


By alanekeith
Excellent documentary about undercover work rescuing those being exploited and arresting the exploiters! If you want to become aware and involved in stopping human trafficking, this is a must see...

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