The 9th Life of Louis Drax Synopsis
A doctor taps into the unconscious mind of a 9-year-old who has survived nine near-death accidents.
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By lizsassi
I am not sure why rotten tomatoes did not like this movie. I see 4 movies a week in the theater and this was very unique. I never knew where the story was going and the trailers gave away nothing....

By Liza French
What a cool and interesting film! It was a combination of Hitchcock, Stranger Things with a little of Dornan's Fifty Shades. Aaron Paul broke my heart again. The acting was suburb and I loved this...

Loved it!

By breynschuster
I didn't read the book, but I loved the movie. I did read about the book and I liked the book ending better but otherwise I thought it was great....


By illumulli
This movie is slow to start, and when it does. The plot is disappointing. Best part is the last scene....

By lomnieb
Dreadful. Modern b rate spook flick Horrible acting. Bad costumes. Bad script....

Intrigue and whimsy

By roseannafrazer
This film is riveting from the very first. Well written and visually stunning the film at turns reminded me of a Hitchcock film and a child's fantasy. Well acted by everyone, the movie held my...

Intriguing Mystery

By susoschica
This film kept you guessing on the mystery of the story. The acting was amazing by Jamie Dornan, Aiden Longworth, Aaron Paul, Sarah Gadon and the whole cast. The whole film with the cinematography,...

9th Life of Louis Drax

By amykana77

A little slow but interesting

By mtangelo7
Main reason I saw this was Sarah Gadon! Thought the movie was a bit cutesy. The little kid was good and he was a good actor. They could have done away with the imaginary seaweed monster. That really...

seen it before

By jasmacch1515
...well done, but there have been movies and TV shows with the same story...kinda of disappointed 15 minutes in I figured out the premise......

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Rated R | For Some Disturbing Images and Brief Strong Language
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Common Sense Media says Strange, unsettling fantasy has dark tone, some violence.
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