That Thing Called Tadhana Synopsis
A woman and a man form a friendship that helps them mend each other's hearts.

Movie Reviews

That thing called tadhana

By applenatividad30
I love this movie. I love the story. I love how Angelica and JM portrayed their respective characters. I love their chemistry on the screen. Everyone can relate to the characters of MACE AND...

Nag tipid sa shooting dalawang besis lang sila nag bihis. Walang kwenta ang movie.

By email3marie

waste of time

By lexncristy73
disappointed!!!! , can't believe these fine actors will be in this kind of movie. So cheaply made B movie. Not worth watching even for free....

Walang kwenta

By lyndonacosta7272
The cheapest tagalog movie production. Not worth $11.50. Indie movies are far better than this. I can't believe they even showed it outside Philippines....

That Thing Called Tadhana

By coppola09
This film is the worst movie I've ever watched on big screen. There is nothing in it. I think it was shoot in 2-3 days very unrealistic. They never changed clothes in how many days of traveling?...