If you're bored and too embarrassed to see Magic Mike, this will do.

By the_parkey
Written July 04, 2012
Sandler has some funny lines but his character is just too annoying to like completely. It was typical of a recent Adam Sandler movie. Nowhere near the classics that made him a star.
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Awful, I wanted to walk out..

By gabriele.planzo
Written June 16, 2012
Samberg promised a 'happy gilmore' like movie, But this was just as bad as all of Sandler's movies after Happy Gilmore... Samberg, you might want to rethink quitting SNL.
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I love Adam Sandler, so what happened

By jenrent
Written June 16, 2012
The movie is okay! I really, really miss the old Adam Sandler that always had me laughing. An excessive amount of ***, totally could have taken a lot of that out.
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By 123olga
Written June 24, 2012
I love Adam Sandler, but this movie is a big disappointment to me. There was a couple of funny moments but mostly its nothing but vulgar and gross jokes.Just wrong and degrading. Definitely an R-rated, do not bring your kids to see this movie!
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By ekvegas
Written July 02, 2012
If Adam Sandler were my any relation of mine, he would not be on the guest list because if he started his screen antics then I would be hiding my laugh so hard I would fart and wet myself. He is a guilty pleasure.
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