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By pieromattos
Written February 17, 2013
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funny, witty, Sandler is brilliant!!

By robmartin1
Written June 17, 2012
Sandler is brilliant, as usual, in this witty, comedy,,, Great story, full of fun and laughs!! I enjoyed it but felt like the "f" bomb was dropped a bit too much at times...... good to see Vanilla Ice back on the scene as the "Uncle Eddie"...Still liked the story and the cast support, well written and well played!!!!!
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Written June 15, 2012
This movie is really not for children, which l was very surprised to see how many parents had very small kids watching it last night. Are parents forgetting what that "R" ratting is for or have they become so tolerant that it doesn't faze them. It is crude, raw, and vulgar, some scenes were funny, some downright mean. There was some shock value in it & although l heard a lot of giggles it still left a sour taste in my mouth. Glad l didn't pay for it.
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funnest adam sander movies in a long time a must see comedy

By bk_hammer
Written June 17, 2012
i loved this movie it was to funny to miss only thing its not for children but other then thats awesome i would recommend it to ant real comedy fan
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Do you love classic Sandler?

By sprdrk77
Written June 17, 2012
If you enjoyed Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, then this is an absolute must see. So funny, and so wrong, which makes it a Sandler classic. Andy Samberg was in good form as well.
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