Hilarious, too raunchy but funny

By nng
Written June 21, 2012
Don't listen to the bad reviews-- the reason being...YES this movie was very very perverted..and every other line seemed to revolve around sex or something sexual. The entire premise of the movie is based on teacher/child pedophilia, and that was very disturbing. I almost wanted to walk out in the beginning, because THIS is the basis of the movie- which is pointless, and sick- why make a movie based on a male who is famous for having sex with his teacher?? that was disturbing. There is A LOT of CRUDE disgusting vulgar sexual content and references- masturbation, pedophilia, old person sex, incest...however, the movie itself was HILARIOUS very very funny...many creative funny off the top crazy scenes, ideas. Vanilla ice was also a good addition to the movie and added to the hilarity. This was a FUN movie, and it took you into the movie, while they were goofing off being stupid...you actually felt sandlers care for his son..yes it was even heartwarming...definitely go..
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Funniest movie of the year

By lanelle23
Written June 15, 2012
I went to see the midnight showing of this movie and could not stop laughing. The jokes are more for the adult audience but that's okay this movie is laugh out loud funny. The whole theater was laughing extremely hard. This movie was the best Adam Sandler movie I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By Brenton325
Written June 18, 2012
Adam Sandler is back! The audience was laughing out loud at times. There were scenes that were comedy at its best. Vanilla Ice, Adam Sanberg and Adam Sandler are a great comedy trio.
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The best comedy since the Hangover

By Hunterwonton
Written June 23, 2012
Combine a crazy amount of dirty jokes, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and too much laughter to contain in one theatre; and you get this movie. The whole theater was rolling from laughter. Probably most vulgar Sandler film ever. It's all no-holds-barred comedy great for the younger crowd looking for a great laugh.
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How A Short-Term Fantasy Really Plays Out

By Reel Reviewer
Written June 19, 2012
Everyone had that teacher, friend's parent, etc. they wanted when going through that right of passage known as puberty. This is how that wonderful fantasy would have actually played out over the long haul since your imagination could not account for consequences. Good thing it didn't happen. Adam Sandler always elicits some solid laughs, even in his mediocre tries like "Jack and Jill," but this one is back on par with his other films. His ability to always have a beer with him is very impressive also. Andy Samberg is great as the total tightwad thrust into a most awkward situation, only to find out that his dad is the least of his problems. The supporting cast were top-notch as well with Leighton Meester, James Caan, Will Forte and Vanilla Ice, but the cameos of Rex Ryan as a die-hard Patriots fan and Susan Sarandon as the grown up teacher/lover of young Adam Sandler really stole some scenes. There's a good amount of nudity and the language is pretty vulgar so be prepared for that.
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