Girls Night Out

By Momofteenboys
Written February 09, 2014
Funny, a bit serious, and a small bit of sad. Enjoyed it. The cast was funny. Careful if you take your teens or younger with you.
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Not good

By joyeb
Written February 06, 2014
Every other word was the F word! Why do they feel they have to say it to make a good movie?? In my opinion it makes it a bad movie. I know it was rated R but I have seen R rated movies before that were not nearly that bad. And everyone jumping in and out of bed with people they just met!! If that is what you like in a movie and you find it entertaining then by all means go, if not don't waste your money.
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Really Great

By CharlotteMHall
Written February 03, 2014
This movie was really good. I was expecting it to be a little teenager-ish however it was not that at all. I think the movie represents what and how guys think. Definitely worth the ticket purchase.
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Awkward Moment

By 4myeyezonly
Written February 02, 2014
This movie will have you either laughing (if you have a sense of humor) or you will hate it. It is definetely a guy movie for laughter. I little corny but hey! Better then a lot of cliche movies. The strap on private was the funniest scene. PLEASE, No children.
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It will do

By The Real Truth
Written February 01, 2014
They had a chance to make this a very funny movie,but it struggled from the start. They had no problem with the f--- word, but a they had a problem showing nudity. Wait for dvd if you really need to see this.
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