Fun movie for males and females

By Ribread1
Written February 02, 2014
My husband was not wanting to go to the movie at all cause he was thinking it was a chick flick 100% but I told him it would be funny too...and all he could say when it was done was how much he enjoyed it. Great movie to go with friends or as a couple cause it delivers the funny that most guys want and the sweet love story that girls gotta go!!
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Wait for the DVD

By ntbenjamin
Written February 10, 2014
The movie was entertaining, but it isn't necessary to drop $10 to see it in the theater. The more friends you are with to watch it, the more entertaining it is. Dressing up for the costume party couldn't have been better! Lotta ***** jokes, classic guy humor but it is more of a rom-com.
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By babydollz02
Written February 03, 2014
This was a really funny movie. I love romantic comedies but normally they are chick flicks which I love. It was nice to see the guys' point of view on relationships. I enjoyed the movie. Zac, Miles, & Michael were really great together!
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Couldv'e been "Must Go"

By bwillis50
Written February 02, 2014
Rom-coms are what they are. Most are formulaic but it's the chemistry and interaction of the characters that make or break a rom-com. This was a smart script with a good cast but for me it was ruined by its crudeness and bathroom humor. Zephron does what Zephron does best, looks pretty for his female following, but his character, Jason, was a mostly unlikeable douchebag. Jordan and Teller nicely completed the guy trio The chemistry between the three amigos worked well. Most of the female roles were just fodder for the sexual escapades of Jason but Imogen Poots was a joyful revelation as Ellie. Ellie's intelligence out shown her beauty, yet she inexplicably fell for a douchbag like Jason. MacKenzie Davis was very likable in the role of Chelsea As I said, it was a nice rom-com script that would have been much better without the language and crude sexual content that added absolutely nothing to the story. I would have rated this film as "Must Go" had it not been so gratuitously dirty.
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date box when ordering tix very small..

By art235
Written February 14, 2014
I did not know the date was wrong on tix till I got this request to write a review. I thought I was ordering them for later in the week. My fault but I would think you would ask what date I was looking for versus having a very little date box up in the corner I have to open and change. There goes Valentines Day! But like I said ultimately my fault so life goes on.
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