Thao's Library (2015) Synopsis
2015 marks fifty years since the first US combat ground forces landed in Vietnam and forty years since the fall of Saigon. The ripple effect of this war continues to rage on today in the life of Thao, a woman born the victim of Agent Orange.

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Deeply moving. Wonderfully uplifting. Breathtaking.

By stephenkatz
Get your tissue box handy. And be prepared for some cleansing laughter. This movie evokes the entire range of emotions. It's many messages are brilliantly woven together in a powerful tapestry of the...

Thao's Library

By rcalazarow
Thao's Library is an example of how a photojournalist's photo can profoundly and positively affect love and understanding of the human condition. The movie illustrates how we are all connected and...

Compelling and moving.

By pete501
You will walk away uplifted....

Clearly these reviews are written by her family and friends

By alexea90home
Saw the movie. Eh. What strikes me as odd is how her family allowed her sister to sister fly in the first place. What is wrong with them? Ego driven? The producer then uses her own guilt to then go...


By RaisaLoboda
The most honest and loving film I've ever seen!...

You will walk out is more like it

By Lineofwhat
Walk away uplifted?...

By apowers83
Such a touching and inspiring story....

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