Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written October 30, 2009
Pretty funny for subject material
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Great Satire

By ckcusa
Written January 23, 2008
Contrary to my expectations, this movie actually challenges you to think about many issues of personal responsibility vs. victimhood in our society; a market-driven society, by the way, that most of us idealize. It doesn't bludgeon you with the one note: "tobacco companies are evil" (although that note does resonate through the film). It is well-acted, smartly-written, briskly paced, very funny, and expertly made.
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A must see, witty, funny, intelligent Movie

By MusicMonkey5555
Written January 19, 2008
This is an amazing movie. It is funny, witty, intelligent and approaches things with a different sort of view. This movie is very unique and you will come out having a different view on things. You will learn a bit while laughing. The story is good as well as the characters and actors who play them.
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Razor Sharp Satire

By lugubriousthespian
Written February 25, 2009
Jason Reitman's directorial debut THANK YOU FOR SMOKING is a fiercely on-target satire about a tobacco lobbyist ( smartly played by the always watchable Aaron Eckhardt ) who must tangle with William H. Macy's unctious senator who wants to put a skull and crossbones on all cigarette packages. Wonderfully terse dialogue and surprisingly touching scenes throughout as Eckhardt re-connects with his son as he bob and weaves with his spin control as is beggins to spiral out of control! A really witty gem of an old fashioned "message picture" with very relevant, topical issues!
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