Thank You Synopsis
Three best friends and serial womanizers are caught ina cat and mouse game with their wives.

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All men are dogs and this is now getting boring

By koolwadz
seeing this movie makes me realize.. that the audience is being taken for a ride, and treated as if we do not want movies with good family comedy. This movie is all about extra maritial...


By dhp4
Expected the movie to be funnier than it was. Unfortunately it wasnt. There were some moments of looking for the wall to head bang against;). Overall only see if you must want a Bollywood movie...

Movie with Multiple Messages For Anyone and Everyone

By sandhya10
'Thank You' is an amazzzzing movie. Through humor it shows how people can make mistakes in life regarding marriage and love and the extent of those mistakes... However, it also shows...

Thank You!

By Time Pass
Great movie... laughed a lot. Akshay Kumar did an awesome job and looked/dressed very nice. Beautiful movie location....

By YankMode10

Excellent Movie!

By parthnanavati
Full on Comedy..........Nice acting by Irfan Khan.......and Akshay Kumar. Must watch movie. Relieves all your thoughts........fully paisa vasool !...

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Rated NR