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By schillacika
Written September 20, 2014
Exceptionally well acted film that shows the realities of addiction and recovery. Funny at times but more focused on the connections between the actors as they battle their disease. I found it to be very real and extraordinary
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long, and just so so

By sanvern
Written September 24, 2013
I was hoping this movie would have been more funny. I laughed out loud a couple of times but for the most part it dragged on and on and was boring. I actual left with about 20 minutes left in the movie, not that it was that bad, but thought of something else I would rather be doing.
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By Siri_Moo
Written September 27, 2013
This is a great ensemble cast and the chemistry really worked on all levels. Characters one did not necessarily cotton to in the beginning managed to grow and we grew to care for them by the end of the film. Even if their evolution was with baby steps, it worked. These people were interesting and all-too-human. You cared about where they were headed. And, like life, there was humor.
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By bleuzkleuz
Written September 25, 2013
When I was checking out which movie to go see this one caught my eye. I liked the cast plus it was listed as a comedy. I thought it was going to be a funny movie but turned out it wasn't. I don't know why it would be listed as such but it definitely isn't. On the whole I would say it was kind of sad to see these people and their stories about their addictions and what they went through to try and overcome them.
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Gwyneth was great

By csnealon
Written September 23, 2013
This is a serious movie about addiction, and it just didn't appeal to me.
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