No, no, no.

By strawberrymlkshk
Written January 21, 2013
If you can get passed the terrible acting, you might find the story line at least a little interesting. Of course, since it's a horror film, there has to be the pointless flusey female character that contributes absolutely nothing to the story line. If this movie were to come out in the 80s, then maybe it would've gotten better reviews. But the bar for horror films is a bit higher these days and this movie made a pathetic and failed attempt to reach that bar. They should've dropped this concept after Jessica Biel's version. I actually enjoyed that one. There was no time for character development, just a bunch of screaming. Please save your money.
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Fun horror ride

By jediboy7
Written January 04, 2013
Had a good time with this movie last night. Great follow-up that totally disregards all of the original sequels and the remake series. The beginning of the film takes place right as the original ends and then jumps ahead a couple of decades to make a well-rounded storyline. They take some interesting twists and turns with the plot to actually make a non-predictable story. More intelligent than it has a right to be. Some gory scenes, a few eyeroll moments, mostly unlikable characters, decent writing, good cinematography and a little extra 3D fun allowed me to enjoy it a lot but all those things mixed together didn't allow me to LOVE it. Good movie for fans of classic horror, casual viewers of the genre may not feel the same.
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Texas Chainsaw 3D

By NicoleMarieSims
Written September 16, 2014
Not what expected
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Couldn't have been worse

By jacob.letson.12
Written January 09, 2013
This movie was so bad that I laughed for 10 minutes during it because it was so stupid. The acting was terrible and so was the plot and to make things worse its only in 3D so you have to pay more to watch this garbage.
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Chain yawn more like it

By gyaddow2
Written January 21, 2013
I love the original and sequel and really liked the remake. The rest I could take or leave. The only reason I entertained the thought of watching this one was for the 3D. There were a couple good scenes of 3D, but not enough to make me want to give this a positive review. None of the characters were likable. I did like how it picked up right after the original. I also liked the cameos from Gunnar and Bill from the originals.The story was so-so though. Long story short, I don't think I'd purchase this when it comes out even if it was on sale cheap. As a long time Chainsaw fan, this didn't impress me. But this is only my opinion. See it if you want, just keep your expectations low.
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