Worst Chainsaw movie ever!

By lnedio85
Written December 21, 2014
I originally only wanted to go see the movie because my boo Trey Sonz was in it. I never intended on really wanting to see it for any other reason. I then said to myself well hey it may be a good movie.......lol that **** was so wack!!! I almost forgot I was even watching a 3D movie. It was more comedy then scary or suspensful. The whole theater was crackn up! After Trey died I was no longer interested....couldnt wait for it to be over. Im glad I did not pay with my money!
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Loved It

By ebaby522
Written December 23, 2014
I am a scary movie junky. Totally loved the movie and the little twist that it took.
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Texas Chainsaw, WHAT???

By cristalarroyo73
Written October 23, 2014
Not scary . . . . no surprises . . . . . not good! I saw it and instead of making me jump out of my seat i fell asleep. DONT WAIST YOUR TIME OR MONEY
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By kissicloe
Written December 17, 2014
The best remake movie ever
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By Vampy619
Written September 26, 2014
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