An ok Movie

By MaryL4760
Written January 06, 2013
Really didn't think it was worth the $18.00 a pop to see (in NYC). A couple of good 3D effects, but there were many boring parts in the movie. My husband even fell asleep twice and we saw the 1:20 pm show. The last one was by far the best one.
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Don't Mess with the Original

By smileylilly
Written June 25, 2016
You know what they say, don't mess with the original. This movie was bad on so many levels. What a let down.
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Not Worth The Money

By genesis_jns
Written July 30, 2016
This movie was horrible. Slightly new twist but horrible's supposed to be horror people..people were actually laughing through out the whole the whole theater...if you have seen the other Texas Chainsaw Massacre you would agree this one was the worst by far :( wish i had the money and the time wasted back
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Definitely Wasn't A Must See Film

By Sergiojrvillanueva
Written January 17, 2017
This movie wasn't what I expected. Normally that's a good thing, but in this case it was a disappointment. Hearing that it links to the original made me stoked to see it, but the original only played a small part at the very beginning. It was more of a joke than it was terrifying. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake in 2003 made me fall in love with the story so I hoped to be blown away when seeing this one, but nope I was far from it. What would happen next was predictable and the decisions that the victims made were plain stupid. As for the 3D, that wasn't great at all. Nowadays 3D sucks. Save a bit of money and just watch it in 2D. That goes for pretty much every film that is being made in 3D today. It's rare when a good horror movie is released nowadays. Sad but true.
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Loved It

By ebaby522
Written January 18, 2017
I am a scary movie junky. Totally loved the movie and the little twist that it took.
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