This movie.. amazed me.

By catsattack73
Written January 06, 2013
This is the best Texas Chainsaw they have ever made. It kept me on the edge of my seat. There aren't really any big scares that will make you jump though.. It was extremely gory and really bloody. The ending was incredible. It was so sweet. The beginning almost brought me to tears of being bored. For all of you out there saying you left after like ten minutes, give the movie a chance. It gets better. Way better. The middle had me on the edge of my seat and covering my eyes. The end brought me to tears of happiness and joy. There is some major betrayal of Heather and one of the cops. I agree with the fans who saw it in 3D. Don't waste your money on 3D, there are like no special effects what-so-ever. DO NOT BRING THE KIDDIES, FOLKS.
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Great Idea But Kills Not So Great

By mistywoods12
Written October 01, 2014
I really liked the story line but the kills were not anything to write home about. Some of the 3D effects were as dull as an old chainsaw blade.
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Movie was okay...not worth seeing in theaters...maybe a rental.

By cdh409
Written January 14, 2013
Pretty disappointing film. Overall there was parts that were okay but overall not worth at all the prices of new release cinema. Save ur money. This is perhaps best as a rental flick..
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Texas Chainsaw 3D

By Glitzy
Written November 25, 2014
Very exciting and scary. Had me at the edge of my seat. I don't usually like to see these type of movies but I went with my family and felt some comfort knowing they were with me. They will be going back to see it again but not me. I think I'll stay home. Too creepy!
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Much better than expected!

By halloweenie116
Written January 07, 2013
I love horror movies, so of course I went to see this. But I expected it to have no substance and just a lot of gore. Well of course there's a lot of gore (it's a Texas Chainsaw movie), but surprisingly the story was very unique and interesting! It starts with the same formulaic group of young adults going to the house that Leatherface is at. But it quickly switches gears and is a really interesting twist on the history of Leatherface's family and the ties that bind him to his only remaining family member. So it truly is a sequel to the original movie from 1974. It even recaps it at the beginning and shows you what happened to the family afterward. So I give the movie props for breathing new life into this franchise with a good story. The 3D sucked (I didn't even notice it), but definitely see it in 2D!
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