Horrible Film

By ashleyhunt007
Written January 05, 2013
The acting, the plot, the ending...all of it was wrong. The only thing good about this film was the occasional 3D effect. Other than that, it was a complete waste of time.
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Awful an insulting!

By t.davis88
Written January 06, 2013
they totally messed up leaterface. he does not wear a sweater and dang tie the mask was rediculous n he does no wear makeup what the heck is that, n certainly does not miss when he kills. runs all rediculous and his mask is the worst ive ever seen. i am a huge texas chainsaw massacre fan and this movie insulted me everything was WRONG! if you are going to remake a movie do it right. i even liked the past remakes but this one was just awful. the only thing that was good is the 3D was cool. DONT GO SEE IT! I walked out its def. not worth the $
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Dont Waste Your Money On The 3D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By WicKeD NiGhTmArEz
Written January 04, 2013
First Off Let Me Say That I Hate The Fact That Hollywood Has Ran Out Of Ideas And Pretty Much Destroyed Every Horror Classic.But I Have To Say They Did Really Well On This One. This Movie Had A Very Different Concept And Was A Great Creative Spin On The Franchise.It Starts Off By Telling What Happened After Sally Hardesty Escaped In The Original Classic. The Story Is Inspired From Those Events.It Has A Good Story And Alot Of Blood And Guts Which Compliments The TCM Franchise.The Kill Scenes in This Movie Was A Bit Of A Letdown. They Definately Could All Have Been Drawn Out Alot More And Some Creativity Added To Them.The Original Classic Had A Gripping Psychological Impact On You Which All The Remakes Lack Entirely.With All That Said It's Definately A Really Good Movie And Worth Going To See, Just Dont Waste Your Money On 3D Cuz The Effects Was Pathetic.
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By everleigh35
Written July 24, 2014
I'm a HUGE horror fan who likes all types of movies in the genre. But seriously, come on! Anyone who liked this is just ridiculous. I don't get how it beat out movies like Django (which is AMAZEBALLS by the way). The fact that it made that much money to prompt the studio to think about a sequel is laughable. Awful plot, awful acting, the 3D was not at all impressive. I think there was one or two times it looked like the chainsaw was coming at your face, but that's it. Without ruining it, they totally forgot about a character at the end. Never said what happened to the character, and not in an on purpose sort of way either. Please save your money, this movie is just plain awful. Everyone said this was so gory too. Did I see the wrong movie? There was more blood in the other reboots of the film, and realistic looking blood at that. There wasn't any sort of torture like in the other versions either. Not scary or gory at all!
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Bad script....

By ajfindlay
Written January 05, 2013
The movie started off pretty well even with the bad acting of Trey Songs, however the poorly written script ruins the movie and the fear is gone...
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