By brentjamesxxx
Written October 25, 2016
So, Texas Chainsaw 3D. If you're an absolute TCM fanatic this film is a MUST SEE for the opening alone. I also have to add that the film is worth it if only for the cameos from the original. Other than that it's a nice stand-alone horror movie. This incarnation of Leatherface is the closest to the original than in any other TCM remake/spinoff, and even sports the original tie! There are a few good scares, but I'd like someone to explain how a character that was a baby in 1974 is so young in 2012. That's the only problem I had with this picture.... Would I see it again? Yes, but I think I can wait until a home viewing.
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No, no, no.

By strawberrymlkshk
Written May 29, 2017
If you can get passed the terrible acting, you might find the story line at least a little interesting. Of course, since it's a horror film, there has to be the pointless flusey female character that contributes absolutely nothing to the story line. If this movie were to come out in the 80s, then maybe it would've gotten better reviews. But the bar for horror films is a bit higher these days and this movie made a pathetic and failed attempt to reach that bar. They should've dropped this concept after Jessica Biel's version. I actually enjoyed that one. There was no time for character development, just a bunch of screaming. Please save your money.
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Texas Chainsaw 3D

By NicoleMarieSims
Written September 28, 2016
Not what expected
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Chain yawn more like it

By gyaddow2
Written August 28, 2016
I love the original and sequel and really liked the remake. The rest I could take or leave. The only reason I entertained the thought of watching this one was for the 3D. There were a couple good scenes of 3D, but not enough to make me want to give this a positive review. None of the characters were likable. I did like how it picked up right after the original. I also liked the cameos from Gunnar and Bill from the originals.The story was so-so though. Long story short, I don't think I'd purchase this when it comes out even if it was on sale cheap. As a long time Chainsaw fan, this didn't impress me. But this is only my opinion. See it if you want, just keep your expectations low.
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The Darkside Looks Brighter

By Nutt32
Written December 06, 2016
With all the prequels and different versions that have came out this one was quite good. I was expecting to be let down but they did a real good job of taking you back to the original movie. At first people in the theatre thought it was going to be shot in that old style of cinematography but it made a smooth transition into the sharp detail and quality of movies today we have come to expect. This movie had a good story and was actually somewhat believeable. I have to give the makers of this movie a hand. They did a good job and instead of ruining an already great movie franchise they added what is sure to be a classic. Also if you see this movie in 3D it is pretty cool. I am a fan of horror and I really enjoyed wathing this. If you are in the mood to have your girl grab your arm every few minutes then this is a must see. I loved it. The only reason I didn't rate it is a must go is becuase I save that for the movies that have no comparison in quaility.
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