Fun and Entertaining

By LimmyPooo
Written October 24, 2016
Of course this movie has its share of problems but it brings back Leatherface to the big screen, offers a continuation of the original TCM story, has good kills, gore, hot women and a lot of LOL moments. This was a great ride, I give it an 8/10
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Absolutely the worst horror movie due to Rob Zombie

By zoberholzer
Written October 22, 2016
Michael Bay owes us all our money back. The story is completely non-existent, the movie only spends a half hour on the random killing then wastes our time with a weird "Leather Face is a victim" story line AND there is an entire town in Texas where there is not a single decent person! Then there is the fact that this "sequel" completely undoes the first two movies. It dumps all story lines set up by the fantastic reboot and the Prequel. The the heck?? Why, Michael Bay? This is a complete waste of money, time and effort. There is no redeemable quality to this movie. Thanks Rob Zombie. You killed Halloween with your "Michael's the victim" crap. Freddy was ruined by "Oh my, he was innocent' crap. And now this? At least they just made another Friday the 13th instead of another guilt trip movie. Such a shame.
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Just plain horrible.

By chefjesseq
Written October 28, 2016
This movie had potential but fell way short. Our generations remake was by far the best even compared to the orginal ones. This one just go's way out there. The acting is horrible, the plot was unbelievable. Some people said that it was good on gore even there it lacked. I personally started laughing throughout the movie. Let this franchise die. Rest in peace.
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An ok Movie

By MaryL4760
Written January 06, 2013
Really didn't think it was worth the $18.00 a pop to see (in NYC). A couple of good 3D effects, but there were many boring parts in the movie. My husband even fell asleep twice and we saw the 1:20 pm show. The last one was by far the best one.
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By shiriah20
Written October 28, 2016
I love this movie better than the first! This is a movie I would go see again as well as buy and play over and over every night till the movie is messed up lol. I like when ok girl said "do your thang cuz"
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