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Another bad remake/sequal

By krspott30
Written January 26, 2015
Okay so it's not really a remake but it follows the original and I am really sick of these companies getting it all wrong! I agree with another review the worst part was Leatherface! Not scary and who wants to feel sorry for a chainsaw wielding maniac? I don't think the acting was bad except Leatherface (they should have picked someone else) but parts of the story line were just horrible! I wish I had waited til it comes out on video! To sum up this movie is just not scary and I jump at just about anything (only jumped once) and not worth the cost of going to the movie theater to see it!
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Faith in the film industry is fading fast.......

By FilmNut23
Written March 03, 2015
The heads of all the production companys, directors and writers must sit around their tables and laugh and what they can get away with calling entertainment. I always wonder if they sit back and say "Im proud of this..". Its partly our faults because they attach their crap movies to a successfull chain of films knowing that we're going to see them. Enough of my ranting.. The movie itself..your honestly going to spend more time laughing that jumping and screaming. Every move and scene is predictable, you know where the scene is going in the first second. Acting alone is cringe worthy! My biggest complaint is LEATHERFACE!! He wasnt scary at all, the mask is dry and looks like they got it off a shelf at Walgreens! The lack of detail hurts when your a loyal fan. By the way..just becuase you rap doesnt mean you need to start acting Trey Songz! To end honestly just take a chance but just walk in for the hour escape, dont expect more than a few jumps.
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Texas Chainsaw 3D

By werynt1
Written March 01, 2015
This film was average at best. The part I liked about it was that it was a direct sequel to the original. The major problems I had with it were how it felt very unoriginal and that led to it being extremely predictable. My friend and I were sitting in the theater predicting the supposed "twists" and our predictions came true. It was classic Leatherface, but wasn't the best movie.I still prefer the 1974 version over anything.
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If you really want to laugh!!!

By aldonmurray
Written January 29, 2015
Only go to this TCM if your looking for a good laugh. The whole theater laughed throughout the whole movie. This in my opinion was the worse remake of this awesome standby scary movie. If there is nothing on tv I can always count on Texas Chainsaw Massacre to scare me, not true if this is the one on tv. Sad, very sad that Hollywood can't even get it right when they have so many to look back at.
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I have seen Better

Written January 24, 2013
It was pretty much a predictable movie.The story plot was okay. you could see what was coming before it happened.
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