Written May 19, 2009
Mon May 18 - This evening I attended the VIP premiere preview of this 1hr 55min rejuvenated and action-packed 4th movie in the Terminator franchise. McG directed this winner which stars Christian Bale and Sam Worthington - both gave their respective roles the gravity needed to develop their respective characters. GREAT cast! Besides STAR TREK, TERMINATOR SALVATION also captured my attention from the get-go and exceeded all my expectations in terms of a fully-fleshed well-developed plot(providing crucial background and origins to certain characters), high-quality production values, excellent directing/editing/cinematography, gorgeous sets, and superb CGI/special-erffects. TERMINATOR SALVATION is a story with plenty of HEART. Major themes explored were personal redemption/choice/self-sacrifice, humanity, and FREEDOM. It is the kind of plot that elevates an action-packed movie above and beyond just mindless action and explosions. VERDICT: HIGHLY recommended!!!
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Good? Yes. $9.50 Good? Probably not.

By Kyle_Adkins
Written May 23, 2009
I was really hyped to see the film myself, being a avid fan of Terminator series. But I must confess, I honestly wasn't too happy with the choice of John Connor in this series, considering how much of a D-Bag I feel Christian Bale to be (I mean, come on.. "Don't trash my scene"? What are you, 9?). However, his acting was fairly good I must admit for this role. Were I was really nit-picky honestly was the cookie-cutter suspense. Everything had a certain level of predictability about it. We honestly knew the "Twist ending" of the film, which I will not ruin for readers of this review, before it happened. Also, the explosions were unnecessarily loud, and almost ruptured my girlfriend and my own eardrums in the theater. Crank it down to a dull roar please. Aside all this, the movie was fairly enjoyable. Try to catch the matinee if possible. I think you'll be much more satisfied if you do.
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I don't get it

By JoeBobsFineFoods
Written April 13, 2009
What is the point of reviewing a movie you haven't seen?
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Better than terminator 3

By Venom400
Written May 20, 2009
this movie packs tons of action from what I saw at a screening , it has moments at the begining that gets you wondering if it's going to be good or not , but , they really pull it off , the movie will have you at the edge of your chair . it's surprising that they are able to develop some of the characters with so much action in between , special effects are A+in particular a familiar terminator at one point of the movie. don't take the kids since I saw a lot of kids in this movie under 12 , it will give them nightmares even if there is hardly any sexual stuff in there , the movie is gory , and violent . A must see for any action and Terminator fan .
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Midnight Tickets!!!!!!!!

By Director101
Written May 03, 2009
My friend and I are such big fans of the terminator series (except for arnold), and we got midnight tickets! Awesome!! Also, it is PG-13!!!! No more having to go with my parents!!!!! Great choice by the film makers to tone it down for a more teenage movie than adult. Great Choice..... Great Choice....
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