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John Connor (Christian Bale) leads humanity against the onslaught of Skynet's machines.
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Mon May 18 - This evening I attended the VIP premiere preview of this 1hr 55min rejuvenated and action-packed 4th movie in the Terminator franchise. McG directed this winner which stars Christian Bale...

Good? Yes. $9.50 Good? Probably not.

By Kyle_Adkins
I was really hyped to see the film myself, being a avid fan of Terminator series. But I must confess, I honestly wasn't too happy with the choice of John Connor in this series, considering how much of...

I don't get it

By JoeBobsFineFoods
What is the point of reviewing a movie you haven't seen?...

Better than terminator 3

By Venom400
this movie packs tons of action from what I saw at a screening , it has moments at the begining that gets you wondering if it's going to be good or not , but , they really pull it off , the movie...

Midnight Tickets!!!!!!!!

By Director101
My friend and I are such big fans of the terminator series (except for arnold), and we got midnight tickets! Awesome!! Also, it is PG-13!!!! No more having to go with my parents!!!!! Great choice by...

Great Movie

By esgill
Terminator Salvation is a great movie that captures the essence of post-apocalyptic Earth.. The movie stays very true to the Terminator "mythology" with many used faces to welcome us in. A new...


By joetv
I have been a huge fan of the Terminator story for 25 years. I love the first 2 films alot and the 3rd one is even ok with me. Terminator Salvation is a huge slap in the face to all the terminator...

Where's Batman when you need him?

By noelrunge
The whole time I was watching the movie, I was wishing Christian Bale would don the bat suit and rescue us from this predictable yawner. Yes, I was literally yawning during this film. This movie has...

Without Arnold Schwarzenegger??

By hawaiianlady
Big Terminator fan. But seriously without Arnold?! HA! Waste of time to make a movie without the person that made those movies a hit....

Terminator Salvation - good action, weak story, weaker ending Grade: B-

By LuapDoWop
Just saw Terminator Salvation at advance screening. I give it a B- . Very good action, albeit with a weak story, and a really weak ending; I did enjoy this movie until the sloppily "written"? ending...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action and language
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Common Sense Media says First PG-13 Terminator is loud, explosive, and dark.
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