Terence Bernie Hines

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Ben Stiller The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
2013 Sean Penn The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
2013 Shirley MacLaine The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
2009 Ashley Judd Crossing Over
2009 Harrison Ford Crossing Over
2009 Ray Liotta Crossing Over
2007 Samantha Morton Expired
2007 Illeana Douglas Expired
2007 Teri Garr Expired
2007 Jason Patric Expired
2003 Donal Logue ER: Finders Keepers
2003 John Cusack Identity
2003 Rebecca De Mornay Identity
2003 Amanda Peet Identity
2003 Alfred Molina Identity
2003 John C. McGinley Identity
2003 Ray Liotta Identity
2003 Pruitt Taylor Vince Identity
2003 Jake Busey Identity
2003 Greg Kinnear Stuck on You
2003 Eva Mendes Stuck on You
2003 Matt Damon Stuck on You
2003 Seymour Cassel Stuck on You
2003 Cher Stuck on You
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