Tekken Blood Vengeance in 3D Premiere Event Synopsis
Based on the popular game. Includes interviews with the director and screenwriter.

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A pet panda

By JamJedi
Well it was a cool 3D movie. Action was awsome. Plot was a little bad, but the action made up for it....

Tekken Blood Vengeance in 3D Premiere Event review

By zerothetheif
Fighting was okay but not enough of it. Characters were balnd, and lip sync was either decent awful depending on the scene. The visuals were great though, and the soundtrack was phenomenal!...

A comedy in the worst possible way

By jadedseed
I'm a Tekken fan and way excited to see the franchise come out with a movie hoping to rival that of the Final Fantasy releases. They failed. You couldn't help but laugh at it all. The storyline, the...

Rockin' good time

By Kilik-master
It was a blast to watch. I could have given or taken the 3d-ness of it all. Seemingly wasted, IMO. With tons of characters to use, I would liked to have seen more cameos or cross stories. I guess...

Awesome 3D & CGI Movie!

By dragoneye8691
This is definitely a movie for all Tekken fans. The CGI is amazing and so is the 3D. The film makers put a lot of time into this and their efforts paid off. Can't wait to buy this!...


By squall_final_fantasy_VIII
To bad it was one day show only because I would have love to watch the movie again I guest i have to wait until it come out on Blu-ray...

Tekken Blood Vengeance in 3D Premiere Event review

By ashleylee123
The plot is very good. The animation was amazing, but do suffer from minor stuffs. Overall, GO....

Tekken Blood Vengeance in 3D Premiere Event review

By movieguy65
It was very awesome. I was so happy I went. Anyone who didn't you missed out....

Buy the DVD, but fast-forward to the fight scenes.

By ericwalkletfandango452
Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D does some things right. The digital animation is excellent. The fight scenes are well-choreographed, borrowing heavily from each fighter's iconic moveset. The fan service...

Annoying School Girl Chatter

By Sentaku
The animation, music, and subtle references to the series were excellent. The story on the other hand was nauseating. I was expecting a unique and interesting story, but it broke down to chatty girls...

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Rated PG-13