By missdecember
Written May 12, 2012
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The Power Of... Well, You Know

By helltoupee
Written January 28, 2008
It's interesting that a movie literally dealing with "vagina dentata" has not been made up until now. The subject has been explored symbolically in films like "Jaws", Argento's "Trauma" and "The Descent", but never has a film's agenda been this overt. It's about time, too. "Teeth" takes its place among "Carrie" and Ginger Snaps" as a solid teen horror film about the fear and power unleashed when a girl becomes a woman. By dealing with what is normally a symbolic subject so literally, "Teeth" becomes a kind of Rorshack test for its audience, and likely every viewer will react to it with varying levels of awe or disgust. This is the point the film is trying to make, because this is already how we as human beings react to female sexuality. This is a great "water cooler" movie, because likely everyone will have a slightly different viewpoint regarding whom the villain of the film is. And their reactions will likely give you a better idea of who your real friends are.
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By shana688
Written January 25, 2008
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SInked in

By Ann Bowmen
Written March 11, 2008
From the beginning of the film you new something was not right with this all-american family happy family. After that you'll never view innosense the same. This might be a hard movie to sit through, guys especially, but in time you will view her as a new kind of super hero. She believes in an eye for an eye, or ***** should I say, and she doesn't mess around. She plays an act until the time is right and in one single instant you'll have change forever. This movie sends a big message out about corruptness. Everything is basically corrupt, even the waste plant in the backround. The main character is the only one to do something about it. If you like bizarre yet fun flicks, you might like this movie. It has an acquired taste to it.
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Teeth a surprisingly good movie

By heyyouthisisgod
Written March 10, 2008
I had fandango money and read some ok reviews of Teeth before deciding that I didn't mind paying with Fandango since it wasn't my money anyway. I was pleasantly surprised by what a great movie it actually was. You hear Vagina Dentata and you think this movie will be a ridiculous dud but it is far from that! The character development was superb and the sub-story lines were intriguing and exciting. This movie had me laughing, cringing, and reeling in my seat. Great story!
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