Out of control laughs

By shbenner
Written October 24, 2016
There was only one lull towards the end of the movie while everybody is figuring themselves out, but the rest of the film is literally 'fall out of your chair' funny.
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Not As Funny As You Expect, But Still Funny

By Reel Reviewer
Written May 28, 2016
Personally, I think the movie is So-So, but since "Ted" is a comedy just like all the others of recent years most people will say it's a "Must Go." I decided to split the difference and explain why. I believe that Seth MacFarlane is much funnier than this. He has exemplary humor yet continues to cheapen his craft with Seth Rogen-esque jokes. The trailer is hilarious and there's hilarity to be found - "You owe me lobster money!" - but I sat idle just watching and waiting to laugh at something creative for much of the time. Mark Wahlberg was funny and did a good job, Mila Junis as well while also looking smolderingly sexy and the support cast was very good also. Overall, it's a good film with story and plot and characters you root for and against, but I'm still waiting for the time when cheap humor isn't the main type to be found but sparsely sprinkled in. So see "Ted" because I believe you should see movies weekly and it's at least above another Judd Apatow cheap joke comedy.
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By mikerosner
Written July 04, 2012
well see, I'm a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy and this movie employs the same humor only unedited as MUST be the case for Prime-Time Network Television. LAUGH OUT LOUD humor in almost all scenes! Going to see twice, at least!! Certainly an R-worthy rating meaning LEAVE the kids with a sitter, or similar!!
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Family Guy x 10!!

By tralynnjo
Written July 02, 2012
If you are a fan of Family Guy this is a must see movie. There were hardly any moments when I didn't laugh my butt off! This is great humor even if you haven't seen Famliy Guy, but it makes it that much better if you have. There are a few hidden humorous moments that you'll only understand if you've seen the episodes of Family Guy. I saw it the night it came out and will be going again this week! Can't wait to buy it on DVD. Will be watching this one over and over again!
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Not For Kids

By Snow Dog
Written June 30, 2012
"Ted". This movie is not for children. That being said... The 80's references were on point, the use of the "F" word is prolific...and funny. Yes this is a movie that will offend someone who is offended by a foul mouth, pot smoking, beer drinking, hooker banging teddy bear. But then again, that "is" what this movie is about. A "teddy bear" smoking a bong is funny in any language. The cast was well suited for their respective rolls. Mark and Mina played very believable lovers. Being a fan of Seth McFarlane or of Family Guy isn't a mandate to enjoy this movie. My wife and I as well as the entire theater laughed, loud, frequently and at some points non stop. The script is quick witted and will push the audience to stay with the banter. As some movies, the funny parts are all what fills the trailers, not so in "Ted", it was funny from start to finish. We will definitely go see this again and add it to our DVD library. I will never look at a stalk of celery the same again. LOL.
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