Totally Worth the Money

By KingLeroyJones
Written May 26, 2017
Ted was a great Movie. There were laughs throughout, and not many slow parts. Seth McFarlane's writing style and direction in Ted is similar to Family Guy. Expect this movie to have odd cutaways and unforeseen twists and turns. Overall it's great fun adult comedy, don't bring any child under 13.
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I I <3 Ted!

By eduardo_soriano
Written February 24, 2017
I caught a free screening in Manhattan this past Wednesday. Despite a long and tiring work day I choose to take the hour long trip to Mid-Town and took a chance on Ted. So Glad I did too! The film delivers a laugh a minute. Filled with 80's references and a side splitting ongoing Flash Gordon joke that's nostalgic and reliably funny, especially for 30 somethings like me. Ted is the friend I wish I had, funny, perverted and oh so huggable. The movie is truly about friendship and coming of age and despite it's shallow plot it executes it's goal (making you laugh) with a comedic pace that definitely merits the time you'll spend watching it. It will require some suspension of all reality on your part but then again what did you expect from a movie about a living, walking, talking, beer drinking, pot smoking, cursing, fighting and lady loving teddy bear? The acting is good and Mark W. is amazing. This film is definitely not for sheltered kids.
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By bdeitemeyer
Written July 25, 2016
Definitely funny if you like this sort of crude comedy, I'll probably see it again as I laughed for nearly the entire movie the first time.
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Really enjoyable!

By Lyncap
Written July 02, 2016
I had no interest in seeing this movie. NONE. I don't watch Family Guy (actually can't stand it), so I don't generally support Seth McF projects. Anyway, Fandango sent me free passes, so I figured what the heck. I had a friend who wanted to see it, so we went. While I won't start watching Family Guy, I will say that I laughed so hard during this movie! I expected to be grossed out, offended, and generally turned off for most of it. Honestly? As much as I LOVED The Hangover...TH was much more offensive/gross. I laughed a lot and was engaged during the entire flick. Never bored and never thought to get up and leave. My whole theater howled during the movie. It's very much a buddy comedy. You are fully aware that Ted is a bear, but it all makes sense in the movie universe. All of the actors were awesome. Even the creepy characters. I recommend that you see this movie.
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One Of The Funniest Movies I've Ever Seen

By SteveP21
Written July 24, 2016
The movie had a good story line, plus PLENTY of comedy. Seth McFarlane is a comic genius. Mark Whalberg and Mila Kunis were perfect picks for main characters. Def. a MUST GO
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