By leverich8
Written July 01, 2012
This was a terrible movie!!! My husband & I watched the trailer which contained the only funny and witty parts of the entire movie. The remaining 99% of the movie was disgusting! The producers of this movie took a very sacred and innocent children's toy and turned it into soft-porn. We are not prudes, but the movie lacked creativity and left nothing to the imagination. The biggest turn-off was that the theatre was filled with many children (some as young as 8 or 9) that thought this would be a funny stuff-animal movie! We walked out after the movie became a series of bad, tasteless scenes (ie: Lance Armstrong's testicle) and "Ted" having intercourse with a girl (and then describing what he did to her!!!!). Does anyone have any values left in this society??? We have liked many movies that contained language, nudity and suggestive scenes, but overall this movie forced "shock value" instead of intelligent humor. Mark Wahlberg sold out on this one!
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Hella Funny

By chadegra
Written June 29, 2012
OK I can't say this movie has the best plot but it definitely has the best dirty jokes lol. Love this movie! Go see it but you may want to leave the kids at home because they will never look at a teddy bear the same again lol.
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Ted not for kids

By rsm120503
Written February 20, 2017
I thought. Ted would be good for kids but it turned out to be a cheap adult movie. Good thing I saw it before taking grandkids.
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Guys flick

By johnrph1
Written June 30, 2012
For all the Chick Flick I have had to sit thru this is the Guys Flick the girls are going to have to sit thru. THE funniest movie of the year. If you get embarrased by crude jokes, stay away. The grocery store interview will go down as an all time classic!!
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Laugh after laugh!!

By bringhollywood2me
Written September 27, 2016
Saw Ted. This movie was very funny. It was good to laugh, as we all could laugh more these days. Ted makes me wish my old teddy bears had come along on this journey we call Life. LOVED the hotel fight seen!! Great job Seth!!
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