OMG, soooo funny

By AngPietrang
Written June 29, 2012
I was worried that the funniest parts of the movie would only be the trailers that I've seen. I was sooo wrong about that. This movie was hilarious. Loved it. So so wrong, but so so funny!! Not for lil kids
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Ted is great.

By weintrbm
Written July 08, 2012
Ted is great. Once you suspend disbelief and take at face value a talking cuddly magical bear, the movie is pretty much a stoner buddy comedy with a heart in the narrative and sappy Seth MacFarlane overtones that will please Family Guy fans...this one INCLUDED. This movie was worth the $13.50 for the price of a sticky seat at a nameless Upper East Side cinema. I promised my girlfriend she would enjoy Ted if she trusted me and her delight conservatively equaled mine. This film is charming and endearing and has enough quotations for satisfying repeat viewings. My personal favorite subtle irony was the scene where a group of starstruck females asks the child-celebrity-Ted to pose for an innocent picture in the park and cherubically as "any" plush Teddy Bear would, Ted grabs the nice girl's boob--to her initial questioning followed by her quick acquiescence; after all, he is just a teddy bear. This movie is unfortunately yet believably pitch perfect. A period
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A Teddy Bear for Adults

By melimish
Written June 30, 2012
I loved it, thought it was very funny. Its def not a movie I would have kids in, but if you like family guy humor you will love this movie.
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Ted = Bad

By fairywand
Written July 06, 2012
Horrible movie. I walked out and got a refund. This movie appeals to a certain audience according to reviews I've read but while I have never been accused of being a prude, I thought the jokes were in extremely bad taste. Reminds me of low-life, red-neck, trailer-trash mentality. Do NOT take your young, impressionable teens. If you don't like trash talk, don't go. Awful!
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By mmitchell32
Written July 05, 2012
I was a little skeptical about seeing this since I thought all the funny scenes would be covered in the previews, but I laughed the entire movie. The story line is what it is, but the comedy in it is hilarious and surprising. Lot's of great late 80's & 90's references with some amazing cameo appearances. If you like movies like Anchorman or Hangover, you will love this movie and bonus points if you are 30 years old or older to appreciate the old school references.
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