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A grown man (Mark Wahlberg) has a live teddy bear (Seth MacFarlane) as a constant companion.
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Totally Worth the Money

By KingLeroyJones
Ted was a great Movie. There were laughs throughout, and not many slow parts. Seth McFarlane's writing style and direction in Ted is similar to Family Guy. Expect this movie to have odd cutaways and...

I I <3 Ted!

By eduardo_soriano
I caught a free screening in Manhattan this past Wednesday. Despite a long and tiring work day I choose to take the hour long trip to Mid-Town and took a chance on Ted. So Glad I did too! The film...


By bdeitemeyer
Definitely funny if you like this sort of crude comedy, I'll probably see it again as I laughed for nearly the entire movie the first time....

Really enjoyable!

By Lyncap
I had no interest in seeing this movie. NONE. I don't watch Family Guy (actually can't stand it), so I don't generally support Seth McF projects. Anyway, Fandango sent me free passes, so I figured...

One Of The Funniest Movies I've Ever Seen

By SteveP21
The movie had a good story line, plus PLENTY of comedy. Seth McFarlane is a comic genius. Mark Whalberg and Mila Kunis were perfect picks for main characters. Def. a MUST GO...

Out of control laughs

By shbenner
There was only one lull towards the end of the movie while everybody is figuring themselves out, but the rest of the film is literally 'fall out of your chair' funny....

Not As Funny As You Expect, But Still Funny

By Reel Reviewer
Personally, I think the movie is So-So, but since "Ted" is a comedy just like all the others of recent years most people will say it's a "Must Go." I decided to split the difference and explain why....


By mikerosner
well see, I'm a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy and this movie employs the same humor only unedited as MUST be the case for Prime-Time Network Television. LAUGH OUT LOUD humor in almost...

Family Guy x 10!!

By tralynnjo
If you are a fan of Family Guy this is a must see movie. There were hardly any moments when I didn't laugh my butt off! This is great humor even if you haven't seen Famliy Guy, but it makes it that...

"Ted" keeps you laughing!

By Rosemaks
This movie was great! If you love Seth MacFarlane, you will love this movie. His sense of humor shines through the whole thing. I don't really associate Mark Wahlberg with comedies, but I love him no...

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Rated R | For Some Drug Use, Pervasive Language and Crude and Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Extremely vulgar comedy also has some genuine sweetness.
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