Its ok not amazing

By movielover554
Written August 30, 2014
I saw this movie a while ago n was forced to see again withmy friends the other day. U kow its ok not great. The plot has willis as a lutenit in the army and his mission is to rescue a docter from a war zone but the docter wont leave unless her whole hospital n patiant go with her. Willises boss only sent 1 chopper n will only sent the next 1 to 1 location only. This movie is there adventure of bringing the troops of untrained sick people threw the jungle of war n basicly kaos. The action isnt great there is only like 2 and a half action parts The only problem is well 4 me it isnt a action part if ur shoting n killing everyone but there not shooting back at u. This happens in the movie. But it al wrks out in the end. there is an action part were both sides r shooting not just bullets god bombs granades bullets peole its one of the best war sences i ever saw. The acters do great in the movie tooo so not the best ever but ok. Its seeable but not a great movie.So go just be ready
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Tears of The Sun Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written February 06, 2012
88 out of 100 It's "Black Hawk Down" with the legendary action superstar Bruce Willis.
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Loved it

By voicedthunder
Written August 31, 2008
Great movie that is full of action and drama. The ending will have anyone with a heart in tears.
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Five Word Review

By anju2979
Written September 07, 2010
Nice action omovie to see
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