What parents need to know

Parents need to that although kids who watch South Park might be intrigued by this raunchy, over-the-top puppet action comedy from the show's creators, it's absolutely not age-appropriate for young viewers. The fact that all of the characters are marionettes -- and that all of the situations are played for comedy -- doesn't change the fact that the graphic violence and sex scenes are meant for adults only. Characters are shot, blown up, decapitated, sliced in half, and burned; in the sex scenes, they're shown fully naked engaged in very explicit acts. Plus, the language is vulgar to the extreme, there's drinking and smoking, and a fair bit of the humor relies on jokes that could be considered homophobic (for example, an organization based on the Screen Actors Guild is called the Film Actors Guild so it can have the initials F.A.G.).
  • Families can talk about what point the film is trying to make. Who is it really mocking? What are the filmmakers saying about celebrities who speak out on politics?
  • Would the impact of the movie's sex scenes and violent sequences be different if it was live action rather than animated with marionettes? Why or why not?
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