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MOCKINGBIRD Still Sings After All These Years

By Deanie9
Written May 25, 2015
It was great seeing TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in pristine black-and-white again, as I had not seen it on the big screen since it opened in 1962. As it tackles racial issues that still resonate today, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD remains a lyrical evocation of childhoods shaped by both the joys and the harsh realities of life.
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Don't miss it

By jjonesindallas
Written December 29, 2014
There's at least one additional showing of TKAM; don't miss it! This movie has only gotten better with age. Thank you Harper Lee for writing the amazing story!
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By wineladynv
Written January 30, 2015
This is one fantastic movie. The loss of their mother is explored in a way that you are drawn right into their lives. Atticus on the front porch, in the swing, with his arm draped over the back, I could invision his wife nestled next to him. I could feel his loneliness, while listening to Jem & Scout talk about their mother. The friendship they develop with Dill, is centered around the mysertious Boo Radley. The admiration they develop over the course of the trial for their father, he becomes their hero. Fantastic to see it on the big screen. THANKS TCM.
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Awesome Movie - Better on the Big Screen!

By dragoness58
Written April 18, 2015
To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books of all time. While I've seen the movie several times, and even own it, it was so much more compelling on the big screen - particularly the trial and Gregory Peck's closing argument. I'm glad for the opportunity to have seen it the way folks originally saw it (actually, probably better since it had been digitally remastered).
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Best Movie Ever!

By coco_le_chat
Written April 25, 2015
This is my favorite movie/ book ever! I have seen the movie lots of times, but nothing compared to seeing it on the big screen last night. I noticed lots of little details that I've never seen before. Overall, seeing this movie on the big screen made this already phenomenal movie so much more powerful. I am so glad that TCM is creating these events to see old classics in theaters for those of use who were born a few decades too late. Great work TCM! Please keep it up!
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