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Classic! Wonderful! Fantastic on the Big Screen! Go Atticus!

By LoveTheMoviesLovethem
Written October 22, 2014
We loved the big screen version of To Kill a Mockingbird! It was emotional right from the very beginning. Loved every bit of it!
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To Kill A Mockingbird

By mister_movieguy
Written November 26, 2014
This was a great experience. Totally enthralling. You become totally involved in the plot and live the experiences with the characters. The acting is impecable. The filming techniques are so much better than computer animation, there is no comparison. A movie of this calibur is a rarity and belongs on the big screen.
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Great story and film. Great restoration. Bad presentation.

By jeffguerrier
Written November 16, 2012
To Kill A Mockingbird is both one of the greatest books and movies this country has produced. I had never seen it on the big screen. But last night's screening had some unfortunate shortfalls. The left/right edges of the film were off-screen thus losing some of the title words and some scene's composition and, in one case, a character (the judge in the verdict scene). Worse, in three places more than half-way through the screen went blank and silent. Sorry Fathom and Universal, these gaffs greatly reduced the enjoyment of this special viewing.
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Worth The Effort

By gushrmb
Written November 26, 2014
My wife has seen the movie and is one of her favorites. I had never seen it and because it's black & white I was not as they say psyched to see it. I was pleasently suprised at how good it it. The child actress that plays Scout was the best child actor performance I have seen. It doesn't end like you thought it would in todays cookie cutter legal dramas abd the trial is kind of secondary to Scout's account of her long summer. I must also confess I can't recall seeing any Gregory Peck movies but his performance was very good his trial summation was one of the best speeches in movie history. If you like Grisham you'll love this film. I would really look forward to see other movies in the Universial 100 in this format.
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Incredible experience

By moralear
Written December 22, 2014
I cannot say enough about this film and the opportunity to watch it on the big screen. It was an experience I will remember forever. It's classic in every way
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