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When The Story Was the Movie

By sacatering
Written August 30, 2014
My wife commented as "To Kill a Mockingbird" ended that she loves coming to these special presentations because as the film ends the silence is replaced with applause. There were no explosions, rampant shootings, or gratuitous sex. No chases or people jumping across roof tops. We sat quietly as we were introduced to the Finch family, their neighbors and town. We saw people going about their daily lives without over-dramatization. The real lives of quiet peaceful people. People that have problems, gossip and share moments together. Tragedy enters their lives as it accompanies ours. A person's weaknesses and prejudices leads to the death of an innocent. Unlike today their is no great outcry, no protests through out the TV,web and Twitter. No video on YouTube. Just quiet desperation of people trying to survive in a troubled time. Caring for and about those around them. Gossip gives way in the face of truth and reality. Emotions felt deeply without unnecessary tirades. Dennis Deitsch
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To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Anniversary

By kbasstn
Written October 29, 2014
To Kill a Mockingbird is my all time favorite movie and I've seen A LOT of movies! I own a copy on DVD and watch it often. I may not be the most objective reviewer/critic. I have never seen it on the big screen so that was a big draw for me. In the beginning, there was some trivia about the actors and the art direction. I was amazed that the film was made on a backlot of Universal Studios. They dismantled an entire community of clapboard houses and re-assembled them on the backlot. The acting was supberb especially the children. The remastering was gorgeous! There was a good crowd despite a week night showing and everyone enjoyed it. We laughed and cried. My favorite scene is when Atticus walks out of the courtroom with the African American crowd standing. The Rev. tells Miss Jane Louise to stand as her father is passing. Very emotional scene for me. As I said, I'm not at all objective where this movie is concerned. I LOVED it and would see it again if avaiilable.
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To Kill A Mockingbird

Written November 27, 2014
I have loved this movie since I was a kid but this was the first time to see it on the Big Screen. It made the experience even better. I took my oldest son with me (37) and he loved it as much as I did. I know it touches on a dark subject but it is well made and I would reccommend this movie to anyone over 16 years of age.
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Luvs the Oldies

By LuvsOldMovies
Written December 21, 2014
Watched "To Kill A Mockingbird" yesterday at the Rockaway AMC with two other people. Also a favorite of mine. It made me laugh and cry. It was amazing to watch on the big screen. You tend to pay more attention to it. Much more of an impact on the big screen. A must see for anyone who loves the old black and white films.
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See it over & over again....

By gloria.proctor
Written November 22, 2014
I have seen this magnificant CLASSIC movie numerous times, and to see it finally on the big screen in HD validates the performance Gregory Peck won in 1962! Such a wonderful story & acting & art direction for the true-to-life set. I still hate Eula Mae and Mr Ewell everytime I see it and Brock Peter's as Tom Robinson always brings me to tears........... THANK YOU TCM!
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