By ejmetfan
Written September 20, 2012
There is nothing like seeing a film on a big screen, especially this one!! An absolutely great experience. I've seen this movie so many times, yet it gave me the chills. The sound quality was outstanding, Felt like the birds were right next to me. A must-see film!!!!
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Run as fast as you can...

By clmiller0605
Written September 20, 2012
I have always loved this movie. And the chance to see it on the big screen was something I couldn't pass up. This is one of those movies that proves you don't need overdone 3D or SFX (aka Avatar) to make a fabulous movie. Cheers Fathom!! Keep 'em coming!! :D
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The Birds

By SSelby
Written September 20, 2012
Another great on from the master of films. Was so great to see it on the big screen again! Hooray for TMC and Fangando to have these special events. Espcially fun to see the clothes designed by the great Edith Head. The black suit is stunning. nthe final sceen was as great as the first time I saw it! Never will look at a cluster of birds the same. Looking forward to moreif the classics being shown in theaters. I try to attend every event!
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Fantastic Hitch Classic

By jspinellijr
Written September 21, 2012
I have seen this film many times on T.V., to finally see it on the big screen was a real treat!! A true classic in any sense of the word.
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Good movie, bad show

By eshopper
Written September 23, 2012
The movie stands the test of time. Unfortunately the show was the worst I have ever seen. It looked like a home VHS recording shown on a big screen. It was like a photograph blow up 100 times. It was blurry with halos around bodies and other objects. The projector also had issues, adding video noise and distorting objects. I noticed this in the pre movie advertisements as well so it was definitely a projector issue. I wasn't expecting HD but this was a horrible showing.
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