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Gripping and dated

By zakzoah
Written September 22, 2012
This was my first viewing and I now understand why Tippi Hedren became a star. She and Suzanne Pleshette act circles around Rod Taylor. Hitchcock's slow-building terror is delicious. I wanted to like the ending but to modern eyes it reads as pretentious and precious. If you are a fan of the movie, save your money and buy the disc. The print shown in the theaters isn't new, cleaned up or pristine.
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Did not disapoint

By tcmmovielover62
Written October 06, 2012
I have enjoyed all the classic movies this year and The Birds did not disapoint. Seeing a Hitchock film on the big screen was amazing! I really love the interviews before the movie. You get such great stories and insight into the actors and how hard they worked to bring us their movie. Love it and hope to see many more great films. Thanks TCM!!
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The Birds

By killer123
Written September 26, 2012
The movie was fine. The main problem was the theater. There was a glitch in the showing skipping about 10 minutes of the movie. If one had never seen the movie, they would be lost as it was the setting up for the birds attack. Also after spending the money to see the movie on big screen, I felt cheated.
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Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (TCM Event Series)

By MegaReader
Written September 20, 2012
Great to see on the big screen with a full theater! My only complaint was that I wish they had either shown Robert Osborne's presentation and interviews at the end, or avoided showing movie clips during the interviews - it unfortunately disrupted enjoying the continuity of the movie to have seen some of the key scenes just before it started. (One other minor issue - the audio was painfully loud. I would have blamed this on the theater, but some other attendees speaking to the manager afterward said that they consistently have this issue only with NCM Fathom sponsored events.)
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See The Birds like never before

By TurboTeach
Written September 21, 2012
Wow. My whole family went to see this movie. I saw it as a kid and it scared the heck out of me. We own it on VHS and have seen it several times, but not like this. Big Screen, incredible sound, digitally remastered to provide tha audience the "meant to be experience". For the first time, my wife and I were ble to see the true facial expressions of Jessica Tandy which revealed deeper sarcasm and inference than the dialouge ever could have. One could even see the fly that lands on Suzanne Pleshette's leg. Visually, the picture was clear, precise, and sharp. The sound quality was fabulous. If today's technology was available in 1963, this movie would have had an even bigger impact of suspense. If you wanted to see the Birds as you have never seen it before, this was the way to see it. Next up for us: To Kill a Mockingbird.
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