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An Enjoyable Evenings Worth of Classics

By Pawlikowski
Written October 24, 2014
It's been over 80 years since Boris Karloff first lumbered across the screen as "The Monster" - and it's great to see the movie as it must have appeared to audiences in 1931. The print has been very well restored - almost every frame is clear, clean and scratch free. For me, the biggest treat was the sound. I've seen both these movies many times, but there was always a background hum, especially in the original "Frankenstein" - the signal to noise ratio wasn't great in 1931 - to hear anything, they had to crank up the sound to hear voices, and if someone wasn't speaking, you heard the hum. In both of these films, for the most part the sound was clean and almost crisp. In the opening scene on "Frankenstein", you practically felt like you were positioned on the wrong side of the coffin lid as the dirt was shoveled into the grave. The added interview feature with Bela Legosi, Jr., Sarah Karloff and makeup master Rick Baker was a plus. Great films - worth going.
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Classics That Last!

By ahdam0729
Written October 28, 2014
It was good to see two classic films on a big screen. Fun to watch, but I wish they would have shown, 'Dracula' instead of, 'Bride of Frankenstein. Since there was an interview with both the daughter of Boris Karloff and the son of Bela Lugosi, it would have been great to see both films together. Also, both films were from 1931 and an 81 year anniversary showing would have been better. The films looked very good with their remastering, but as with both, 'Casablnaca' and 'Singing In The Rain', they don't look as crisp and clear on a movie screen as they do in High Definition on a big screen TV.
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By jrrg
Written October 20, 2014
Both films reminded me that movies used to be enjoyable on many levels. In these two films the set design, lighting, development of secondary characters, humor and drama made for an enjoyable experience. The monster is fearsome, but tender, repulsive, but sympathetic and maybe not responsible for the murders he commits. Yet, he must pay the price as he acknowledges at the end of "Bride." I wonder if the proponents of human cloning could learn something from these films. Perhaps some things are best left alone, even if they are doable.
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Frankenstein/Bride Frankenstein

By s_deltoro
Written August 01, 2014
This one the best classic movie I enjoy seen with my wife we both where just delight to go and see on the big screen because it look different from watch it on tv. The Monster looked more real then seen on a smaller screen it show his ability to do more an able watch his faceial movment. My wife thought much different about the Bride Frankenstein which I also enjoy but she notice a differents of the two female actress's the second actress was better then the 1st. to me I was happy to see an enjoy the make up work because I do props on my own and also make up when I need to be different kind Monster or Alein so this one best movies I like to see. There other I like to see an one of them is Them! if possible. Thank youTCM Sincerely S_DelToro
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Frankenstein / The Bride of Frankenstein

By Ozboy39
Written November 22, 2014
Wonderful movie- Excellent picture quality and sound- what a nice experience to see the classics on the big screen- hope you all bring more to the screen soon- It was a once in a lifetime experience to see this 1931 classic on a theater screen huge and full of life------- thank you
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