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Double Feature

By Dondesi
Written August 23, 2014
The movies were great! I love this idea and felt honored to be able to see them in a theater. It also gave you a really good sense of how much acting and theater evolved from 1931 to 1939. It was a great night and some great films!
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Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein

By jofox61
Written October 25, 2012
I and three others went last night and were quite pleased. The quality of the presentation exceeded expectations. I feel the segment with Robert Osborne, Sarah Karloff,Bela Lugosi's son and Rick Baker was worth the whole price of admission. What a treat to at last see both films on the big screen in their original aspect. Superb sound added to the experience. It made me envy the first people to see these classics back in the thirties. Great job. Put more of them out there and especially the The Wolf Man, and Son of Frankenstein as well as Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. We need less of the gore and slasher and more of real actors with superb, identifiable voices and diction. We also need better storytelling nowadays. Many Thanks.
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Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein

By gjmadden
Written October 26, 2012
Fantastic to see these two classic films, digitally enhanced, on the big screen. I am almost positive this was a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks TCM/Fandango/Fathom Events!
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great to see on the big screen

By tls4ba369
Written September 01, 2014
It was awesome to see these 2 classics on the big screen. I hope Turner Classic Movies continues to do these special showings of old movies.
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"Still scary today.. Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein"

Written September 18, 2014
"Firstly something has be said about paying 12 bucks to go see two Film's more than 80 years old! Think about the average pay for a Man in 1930.. 27.00 a Month.. so 12.00 would have gone much further than seeing both of these classics then. Having said that historically speaking, James Whale directs all the way up to the all-time Classic Monster Movies of all time list. Colin Clive (Doctor Frankenstein) is drawn to meddle in things that man should leave alone. That is robbing grave yards, body snatching so he could "make a artifical Human being". Universal didn't want a talking Monster but got talked into it for the sequel. The Classic Monster Film line of all time; "HATE LIVING - LOVE DEATH! spoken by Karloff in The Bride. But truely the First Film is timeless in its protrayal of Village Vigiliantism, torch bearing wild-men stalking to hunt down the murderous Monster is unforgettable. Screening both Films in their original aspect ratio for myself was an grand experience!
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