• Released
  • October 25, 2015
  • (First showing on October 25th; Second showing on October 28th)
  • PG-13 , 3 hr 10 min
  • Horror
TCM presents Dracula (1931)/Drácula (1931) Synopsis
"Dracula," starring the iconic Bela Lugosi, followed by "Drácula," the Spanish-language version.

Movie Reviews

Classic and historical

By Stefani276
Love it. It's amazing how classic literature was translated to moving pictures. Even more amazing how early on the horror genre got started in film. Bela Lugosi will never be replaced as Count...

Dracula bites

By mrumsey
I've grown accustomed to seeing these events with some kind of added materials that make them feel special, but that's not true here. both films were presented no frills without even anything...

By agentgq87
i beleive yhe spanish film was way better than the english version. just a little bit more context and story than its emglish counterpart....


By angelabadass90

Iconic & Classic

By kravfu
It is a classic that should be watched at least once. It is not scary and comical at times because of the acting....

Still the best

By hswolfmaniac
I've seen "Dracula" since I was a kid. As a kid I found it scary, but as an adult I find it to be a classic. When "Dracula" came out about a year or two ago, the stores were selling the original...


By jmarlewski
Wow great experience seeing this black and white original on big screen...

Original Dracula!

By mamichulamai
Loved it! So awesome to see it on the big screen!!...


By jpappano
What a great opportunity to see Dracula on the big screen....

Great on the big screen

By markhite
A thrill to see the great original Dracula on the big screen! Also fun to see the Spanish version. Keep those classics coming!...

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Rated PG-13