Casablanca Rocks

By Movie Marv
Written April 27, 2012
It was great to see this classic on the BIG SCREEN. Have only seen it on TV. The acting was superb and the audience loved it. At the end, it got a standing ovation. I forgot how funny parts of the movie were. The audience was of mixed age, which did surprise me. This is truly a very entertaining film and deserves to be called "A Classic". I had forgotten that this movie was made at the very beginning of WWII. They really got it right... The writers did a fantastic job. The directing was outstanding. Thanks for bringing this to the BIG SCREEN again.
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Worth it

By rhoda_morgansturm
Written April 27, 2012
Seeing this movie on the big screen makes watching Casablanca, even for the 100th time, a strikingly different, worthwhile experience. There are many excellent actors in this movie, but Bogart and Bergman were the real focal points for me. The contortions that sweep over Humphrey Bogart's face when Ingrid Bergman is telling him about her and Victor Laszlo struck me with a force that I hadn't expected. Those scenes just don't pack the same punch on the small screen. I have a much deeper appreciation of Bogart's acting talent because his face so accurately and convincingly reflected the real, physical pain of having a woman you love admit to things no one would want to hear. It looks as though someone is actually striking him with something while she tears his heart apart! Ingrid Bergman's beauty, grace and charm are also heightened by leaps and bounds on the big screen... She's an extraordinarily beautiful woman who is in her prime in this film. See this film on the big screen!
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By lv4the1
Written April 28, 2012
What a treat to see this classic on the big screen. So much fun to laugh with an audience and react together to the strong themes in this film. Intrigue, love, heroism, selfishness and selflessness all swirl and sway throughout this fabulous film. Citizen Kane be damned! Casablanca will always be my #1 favorite film of all time. Highly watchable many times over. Ingrid Bergman is luminous and Humphrey Bogart could not be more dashing and romantic. Every actor in this cast is perfect in every way, not a misstep amongst them. If you EVER get an opportunity to see this or ANY classic film in the theater, DO IT! Now THAT is social networking!
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By NewfieLuver
Written April 27, 2012
If the chance arises again, see Casablanca on the big screen! What a treat! Seeing these classic, beautiful movies on the big screen is a luxury not to be missed.
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Casa Blanca

By buff08094
Written April 27, 2012
If you're a Casa Blanca fan, YOU MUST SEE IT ON THE BIG SCREEN IN THE DIGITALIZED FORMAT!! The new digitalized format makes the movie almost seem as if it is in 3-D, you feel like you're right with the characters, Ilsa and Rick. This view of the movie, along with the introduction by Robert Osbourne, makes you realize just how perfect the casting of characters was in using Humphrey Bogart as Rick, and using Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa. Each actor in the whole movie played their characters to the ultimate, Claude Rains as Louie, etc. And the beautiful love that existed between Rick and Ilsa was beautiful to see, along with Ilsa's husband's dedication to the human race, working against the Nazis. This beautiful time period piece is a quality and classy performance without the crassness and crudeness of so many movies of today! Thanks, TCM, for a job well done. Please do more!donedonePLEASE!hope they do some do
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